With Coventry awarded UK City of Culture for 2021, it’s time to celebrate the city’s modern future and also it’s noble past, from the new developments, to it’s historical buildings and post-war architecture. As many city centres make way for commercial and residential developments we should cast our eyes over the skyline and be moved by the history and the possibilities of what is to come.

This new print depicts Coventry’s unique cityscape viewed from the south, proudly featuring the three spires of Holy Trinity Church, Christ Church and St Michael’s Cathedral, which dominate the view of the city, and also the prominent new Wave building.

Signed art prints are available in a few different sizes on Etsy. A large range of additional items from prints to phone covers can be purchased on Redbubble.

You can also find development drawings on Instagram, from the initial sketch through all of the progress and different stages of the creative process.

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